The high quality of products and the excellent customer service are the basis of its goals. For this reason, it constantly expands and modernizes its facilities and its mechanical equipment in order to meet the modern requirements of the public.


The company SILO GKENAS is today one of the largest Greek companies active in the manufacture of metal silos. The commencement of its operation is marked in 1979 in Larissa, at the same time as it was founded by Panagiotis Ghena.

The company is greatly strengthened when the sons of Panagiotis Gena, Christos and Pavlos, penetrate to it and their sole aim is the wider spread of the business in Greece and abroad.Their consistency and responsibility created a broad customer base and therefore a need for territorial expansion.

All this led to the transfer of the company to the new privately-owned facilities in the 6th km. Larissa-Volos. The offices, the production unit and the warehouses are currently in the 9000 sq. M. of the enterprise.

SILO GKENAS is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Greece.

Construction of Silo

Silo complex in Farsala

Construction of four floor silos with a capacity of 10000 tons in total. The feed starts at the pit, from where a chain conveyor transfers the feedstock to the 150TN / H bucket elevator. At the top of the elevator, the raw material is transported by a chain conveyor that is placed on a metal bridge 70 meters above the silos. The unloading of the silos is done with a "sweep auger" screws inside them where underneath there is a tunnel with a chain conveyor which feeds a second bucket elevator that transport the product to the loading silos of 60TN.



We manufacture Silos with corrugated steel galvanized, so we provide flexibility in placement and assembly at a very low cost .


We provide the customer with all the necessary mechanical equipment you handle, for handling, cleaning, weighing drying etc. for both agricultural and commercial applications.


With our long experience in the field, we take care of every detail and we can provide you with the best possible care in your equipment.



Over the past 40 years, our experience in building silo assemblies and our large customer base shows that the quality of construction we provide to withstand time. Below you will see some of our latest projects.


Every client is unique and to meet his needs, in addition to our domestic partners, we have established strong links with foreign companies to better serve and meet these needs.

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Our offices and the production unit are currently housed in an area of 9000 square meters.

6th km of old national road of Larissa-Volos

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